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Great Night Speaking to the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup!

Last night I had the privilege of speaking at the September meetup for Tampa Bay Agile.  The title of my talk was “Ensure Sprint Success with Stories that are Ready”, and we had a fantastic turnout.  Earlier in the week, Tampa Bay Agile’s organizer Stephanie Davis tweeted out that the group had passed the 1,000 member mark, which was a huge milestone. Thank you to everyone who attended, provided feedback, and participated in the group exercise. A special thank you to Heidi Bush, who helped me prepare the slides and gave me feedback along the way.


Feedback from Meetup.com website:

“The conversation even carried over into the Lean Coffee this morning. Memorable session.” -EM
“Excellent presentation, very well done. I will be able to use this information immediately.” -PM
“Steve is an excellent speaker, and he provided valuable insight into a tricky area of the Scrum process. Definitely glad I went!” -MR
“Another great presentation from Steve! Very good discussion regarding efficiency vs. effectiveness and some great tips on user story readiness. Thanks again Steve – really enjoyed it!” -PZ
“Extremely useful ideas! Loved the ‘speed grooming’ explanation. Also enjoyed the comparison of story-mapping and product backlog, and why both are needed to gain ‘shared understanding.'” -LF
“Awesome presentation! Wish more of my colleagues could have joined and I’m definitely going to share my takeaways. ” -CG
“It was really informative! I feel it helped to validate what we have been doing.” -JF
“Excellent. Best presentation I’ve been to since becoming an a certified Agile SM” -SJ
“Steven, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. If teams worked off the 3 building blocks on which based your presentation I believe it would relieve them of much of the frustrations some of them face when adopting agile practices. Great job!!” -CP
“Steve: Great presentation, thanks. Before I started SCRUM it was a never ending quest for how to best manage requirements (size, level of detail, traceability, etc.); after SCRUM I seemed to transfer all of that angst directly on to the PRODUCT OWNER ROLE. Your methodical and enlightened approach provides a system that leverages the power of the self-organizing team. So many great nuggets – small story sizes, Effectiveness Mindset, Shared Understanding, and more. Good job.” -PD
“Great presentation Steven. Thank you for sharing your learnings’ with us. I appreciate you explaining the best practices of READY Stories and the emphasis on “why” they are better than the alternative. For example, being effective over being efficient.” -A

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