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Importance of Validation in Developing Custom Software Applications

Below is a post from my employer Tribridge’s blog on custom software:

Custom Software: Validate the Problem Before Solving It

Last month, I met with a new client to discuss our approach to developing custom software applications. I explained how we start by analyzing a client’s current business process so that we can understand and document it. By gaining a deep insight into how a business currently operates, we are in a better position to clearly define the root cause of the problem and develop a long-lasting custom software solution. My client challenged this approach for his company by stating that as its founder, he knew everything possible about his company’s processes. He did not see the value of a consultant spending time and money to learn things that he already knew. His questioning forced me to clarify the value of our process. In short, the answer to his question was “validation.”

Read the full article on tribridge.com


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