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Great Night Speaking to the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup!

Sep 25 0

Last night I had the privilege of speaking at the September meetup for Tampa Bay Agile.  The title of my talk was “Ensure Sprint Success with Stories that are Ready”, and we had a fantastic turnout.  Earlier in the week, Tampa Bay Agile’s organizer Stephanie Davis tweeted out that the group had passed the 1,000 member mark, […]

Sketchnoting My Way Through Agile2015

Aug 16 0

Last year at Agile2014 in Orlando, I learned all about the style of visual notetaking called sketchnoting.  With limited artistic ability, I was intrigued but never considered that I could attempt it. However, a few weeks ago I decided to give it a try.  I purchased the book “The Sketchnote Handbook” (which is written as a series […]

Thank you Tampa Bay PMI

Jun 16 0

Last night I presented my talk “Getting Started with Agile: A Guide to Building High Performing Teams” to the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Project Management Institute.  Thank you to Art jones and Demetrios Yannakopoulos for inviting me to present, and thank you to everyone in attendance for the great feedback and participation.  Below are the […]

We’re Bringing the Tech Back!

May 07 0

My blog post about the OnAgile 2015 Virtual Conference was recently posted on the Agile Alliance’s blog.  Here is a copy of the post: It felt like the hardest decision of my professional career.  I stared at the program guide for the opening session of the Agile 2014 conference, and the volume of choices was […]

How to Estimate Agile Projects

Jan 02 0

There is a perception that Agile projects have little management oversight.  Many stakeholders and executives are scared off by the perception that Agile teams build whatever they want and there is no predictable schedule.  This misconception is something I fight most days of my professional career.  What I often say is no matter what software […]

Agile Does Not Mean “No Documentation”

May 07 0

My third and final post for my employer Tribridge on a series about Agile misconceptions: In my last Tribridge blog post about Agile Software Development, I talked about the popular misconception that gathering requirements is not Agile. Today I will address arguably the most pervasive myth about Agile, which is the belief that with Agile projects, no documentation should […]

Agile Does Not Mean “No Requirements”

Mar 14 0

My second post for my employer Tribridge on a series about Agile misconceptions: In the first post in my series about Agile Software Development, I discussed the most common misconception that our clients have about Agile. Specifically, we often hear the assumption that there is no planning or analysis when preparing for an Agile project, and that the […]

Deliver the project needed at the end…

Dec 13 0

The primary assumption that proponents of plan-driven (waterfall) development make is that the requirements of their project are known and will not change.  While this may be true for some projects, it is not true for most.  With most projects, the actual requirements of a project are discovered throughout the course of the entire development […]

The Agility Behind Agile Software Development

Jul 14 0

My first post for my employer Tribridge on a series about Agile misconceptions: Agile Misconception #1: “There is No Planning or Analysis. Just Start Coding!” At Tribridge, we have been building custom software applications for over 13 years. Our clients select us as their partner, in no small part, because of our process. We painstakingly help […]